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The Importance of Evaluation

Grassroots non-profit organizations across the country work every day to improve their communities by inspiring our students. But large scale progress does not happen unless we have a strong partnership with the school districts and a clear vision of common goals. It requires intense communication and collaboration between my team and the principals and their leadership team. We are sharing our resources to create programs that complement one another and are constantly seeking for improvement. iMusic has partnered with Compton Unified School District, Inglewood Unified School District and underserved neighborhoods in Los Angeles for the past two years. We have reached more than 1,500 students over the past year alone. I am often asked by our supporters how we have grown so quickly to partner with school districts. As part of these efforts, the road to success is to identify the valued school partners and to find principals committed to bringing schools and community partners together for the betterment of the students’ education. To make sustainable changes that go beyond their in-school presence, it is crucial for organizations like us to continue to articulate our mission and vision in music education and to partners with the right schools.

It is also crucial that the schools and parents recognize the importance of our program and value my team and volunteers who work to make it possible. We are tackling complex social and cultural issues daily yet leveraging our resources and increasing our efficiency for a greater community impact.

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